For Those of You That Say Queen “Bae”

I’m so tired of y’all calling my fave Queen Bae. Who is that?

I have a special hatred in my heart for those who pronounce Queen/King Bey as Queen “Bae”.

Or the BeyHive as the “Bae”-Hive.

Or even using “Bay-Z” as a conjoined name when she is referred to alongside her husband in the media.

Who the hell is “Bae”-yoncé?

When have you ever heard Beyoncé’s name pronounced as “Bae”-yoncé? For those of you that pronounce it as “BAE”, what is wrong with you? Seriously, what is your problem? Your parents didn’t birth you to grow up and refer to our Queen as “Bae”-yoncé; the name her momma did not give her.

For all of you “Bae”-Hive truthers, you need to get right with your ministry and stop disrespecting American royalty. Because, once again, who in the hell is “Bae”-yoncé.

DISCLAIMER: I’m half-joking. I actually mean a lot of what I said. So it’s kind of a joke, but like, stop calling her that. I still love you regardless.


Author: Sincerely, Sydney Nicole

A careful Black girl trying to figure this life shit out.

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