Girl, What Weight Loss Journey?

I’ve been overweight for most of my life. How long does a weight loss journey last, girl? 20 years? I want OUT!

So, about me:

  • I’ve been overweight since I was six years old.
  • I was a daily binge eater throughout middle school and high school. I refused to eat during the day but then would go to town on ramen noodles, cookies, cakes, and any other type of processed food when I got home. I HATED my body and knew nothing about nutrition because they didn’t teach it in school. I had one health class in middle school and then nothing else. Like, what kind of shit is that?! Is it too much to teach personal finance and consistent health/wellness to middle/high school kids? Just basic life skills, right? Whatever so yeah, I was a binge eater and I didn’t even know that represented an eating disorder until recently.
  • I gained close to 40 lbs in college by eating Wendy’s, personal (and not-so-personal) pizzas, and Chipotle daily and also not lifting even a pinky toe for exercise.
  • I graduated and moved out on my own. I taught myself about nutrition and lost 30 lbs.
  • I then experienced two very toxic situationships and gained 20 lbs back.
  • I’m presently a yo-yo dieter lost in the sauce and I allow myself to binge on sweets and carbs because I feel like I deserve them.

I love to peruse YouTube for weight loss tips and motivation and I constantly see videos from women who have already lost the weight. While those are helpful (and absolutely necessary), where are those like me that are presently going through it? I’m so proud of those women, don’t get me wrong but where is the girl that struggles with it and obsesses over their weight every second of every day?

“Can I eat this and just work it off later?”

“I can’t wait to wear a crop top. I’m sick of my stomach.”

“I need to do better. I’ll get back on track tomorrow”

Shit’s hard, yo. It’s taken me 26 years to recognize that my mind does all of my bidding and that I haven’t learned to self-motivate because I never even knew that it was attainable. So now it’s hard to upgrade my mindset and get positive to stay positive. There has to be someone out there like me.

Truthfully, the purpose of this blog is for my own outward accountability: to be mindful consistently, to bless myself with a healthy body, and to stick to my goals. Posting this shit on the Internet for anyone to see could be a game changer for me and could also motivate someone else in the process. If one person reads my ranting and gets something positive from it, I’ve done my job.


For Those of You That Say Queen “Bae”

I’m so tired of y’all calling my fave Queen Bae. Who is that?

I have a special hatred in my heart for those who pronounce Queen/King Bey as Queen “Bae”.

Or the BeyHive as the “Bae”-Hive.

Or even using “Bay-Z” as a conjoined name when she is referred to alongside her husband in the media.

Who the hell is “Bae”-yoncé?

When have you ever heard Beyoncé’s name pronounced as “Bae”-yoncé? For those of you that pronounce it as “BAE”, what is wrong with you? Seriously, what is your problem? Your parents didn’t birth you to grow up and refer to our Queen as “Bae”-yoncé; the name her momma did not give her.

For all of you “Bae”-Hive truthers, you need to get right with your ministry and stop disrespecting American royalty. Because, once again, who in the hell is “Bae”-yoncé.

DISCLAIMER: I’m half-joking. I actually mean a lot of what I said. So it’s kind of a joke, but like, stop calling her that. I still love you regardless.